Playsight Smartcourt Technology is coming to Murray Hill Tennis & Fitness

At Murray Hill Tennis & Fitness, we take pride in providing an elevated tennis experience for our guests.

Last year, we resurfaced our courts, and installed indirect LED lights. This year, several exciting changes are on deck for the club–the first being the addition of PlaySight SmartCourt technology on all six of our indoor courts.

This amenity is now days away!

We look forward to showing you how easy it is to set up a PlaySight account on your next visit, and once installed, how powerful this technology can be.


Whether you are trying to win Wimbledon, a local tournament, or simply want to add some more speed to your forehand, PlaySight technology will help you achieve your tennis goals. Highlights include a drilling mode, a variety of fun games, and line calling capability during matches.

On Court

A SmartCourt consists of permanently installed high-performance cameras that are connected to the internet. The cameras communicate with each other to track all player and ball movement, call lines, and gamify tennis training and competition. Check in at the on court kiosk to review video, and then get back out there!


On, you can access the video, analytics, and data from all of your SmartCourt sessions. You can also share your matches and highlight clips on social media, compare yourself to a global tennis community, and much more! PlaySight also tracks your progress over time with a statistics dashboard. This is a great place to edit and modify your account, too.

On Your Mobile Device

The PlaySight app, available for both iOS and Android devices, gives you the power of PlaySight in your pocket. Once play on a SmartCourt has been completed, it is automatically accessible to the user. You can access the video and stats from any SmartCourt session by logging into your PlaySight account via the app. You can also create custom videos, share clips on social media with your friends, and much more.

Click here to sign up for PlaySight

Brighten Up Your Game

Murray Hill Tennis & Fitness proudly debuted our state-of-the-art indirect LED lighting. Gone are the days of dark court spots, temporary blindness when serving, and unusual shadows. Now, every groundstroke, volley and lob can be seen with highly increased clarity, brightness and contrast. The results just further highlight the best playing conditions anywhere in New Jersey. Our apologies if you feel spoiled, and don’t want to play on other courts again.

Perfect Conditions on Purple Courts

As the fall brings new colors, so does Murray Hill. All our indoor courts have been beautifully resurfaced with our colors. Regardless of the weather, come play on our perfect purple courts, under our brand new indirect LED lights. Unique is an understatement. Tennis has never looked this good.

Court Resurfacing

Our Courts will be closed for resurfacing August 27 – September 5. All tennis will be played at Drew University during this time. The business office will remain open. Drew University is located at 36 Madison Ave. Madison, NJ 07940.

Pickleball Open House

Thursday, August 4th, 2:00-3:30pm

Pickleball is a relatively new racquet sport that combines Ping Pong, Tennis and Badminton. It is said to be the fastest growing game in America and is very popular among tennis players and non-tennis players alike.

Come on inside and try Pickleball! Feel free to bring your friends, it is open to everyone. Please RSVP by Wednesday if you think you will be coming. We look forward to seeing you here!

Our address:

Murray Hill Tennis & Fitness

593 Central Avenue

New Providence, NJ 07974

Shot of the Week

Beginning this Thursday, Feb. 18, “Shot of the Week” classes will only be held on Mondays 10-11 a.m. and Wednesdays 11-12 p.m. Please note that Wednesday is a time difference from the usual 12:30 p.m. slot.